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Thoracotomy and thyroid scars

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Thank you Jan for the scar work. My thyroid scar release has shown in better rotation of my neck. The lung Thoracotomy scar has paled and softened within 2 weeks and felt almost free of adhesion after the treatment. The drain hole scar is now not adhered to my ribs. As a Yoga Therapist I am never amazed at the wonders of Myofascial release on a physical and emotional level. This is a must for old and new scars and for cancer thrivers. I will recommend to everyone. With Gratitude x

Heather George

Appendectomy & 4 laparoscopies for endometriosis

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“I found it a very gentle treatment, quite soothing and relaxing.  I am impressed with the changes to my scars after the relatively short amount of time they were being worked on.  They feel smoother, less raised and less tight.  I’m interested to see how they continue to change over time.  I found the practitioners were respectful and ensured I was OK at all times.  M. Riley.”

Another satisfied scar model who came for free treatment on a ScarWork course to be worked on by our supervised students.


Caesarean section

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I’d been suffering from pelvic pain for more years than I can imagine, that is until I met Jan.  I was amazed how she helped me to let go of the pain caused by Caesarean and Endometriosis, and rebalance not only my body but my sense of being a woman.  My pain disappeared, I felt grounded, whole and could reconnect with my core!  Amazing work, would recommend to anyone.

Jane Midgley 17.6.18

Caesarean Section

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I am happy to recommend ScarWork treatment with Jan. About a year after a complete hysterectomy, I realised that I had a problem with my scar as it was very swollen, red and I was unable to touch it. Emotionally, I didn’t feel comfortable with it.  In addition, I had two scars in the same area from two old surgeries.

After just a few treatments on my scars, my body has changed a lot. My Yoga practice is much easier and I don’t have any more pain.  I’m so happy.  ScarWork is an amazing technique that works not only locally but on the whole body as well on the emotional aspect of it.  Thank you so much, Jan!

Caroline V.

Fascial Facial treatment

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Susan Andrews came in for a Fascial Facial, particularly concerned about the lines around the mouth.  Here is the result of five treatments.  We can see that the face is generally lifted, the deep furrows each side of the nose and mouth have become more shallow, the lips look firmer and the lines have reduced.


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