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Scar on foot, limiting movement

Liz Davies was treated on a ScarWork course by the supervised students.  The outside of her right foot has a scar between the arch and ankle bone.  The problem was manifesting under the arch in the plantar fascia where a cyst had been removed 10 years previously.  The surgeon had made the incision then slid under to the sole of the foot to remove the cyst.  The area was extremely sensitive and she had not been pain free or able to use the foot properly for most of her life, the issue starting at the age of 14, the cyst being detected in her 20’s, removed at 27 and now, ten years later, Liz was still having problems.

Below is a video of the range of movement before treatment, then after, then of Liz walking and her comments on her increased mobility.  She also wrote down how she felt for us:

“Now when I’m walking I don’t feel the tension under the arch of the foot.  There is much more flexion and ease of movement.  My toes have relaxed and straightened from a tense, ‘clawed’ position.  I can now balance on my right foot which I could not before.  The sensitivity is completely reduced and I’m not feeling any pain on movement.  The way I walk has changed as the range of movement has increased.  I’m using my ankle and the ball of my foot.  It feels less flat-footed and my toes are working much more normally. The whole foot feels more balanced and loose and comfortable”.