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Small scar on chin

Tina was treated by supervised students on a ScarWork course.  She said she just had a small scar, nothing that caused her any problem.  As you can see below, we often do not realise a small scar is affecting us, until it is worked on.   This is her feedback:

History of scar

Injury occurred during a swimming lesson over 40 years ago, jumping into the pool near the edge turning and landing chin and head on the pool side. Wound was left open for approximately four hours before being stitched together and lower jaw bone exposed. The scar required 10 stitches.

During ScarWork

Sensations of emotional release when working in the middle section of the scar. Feelings of short ‘zaps’ throughout the treatment. Lower lip released, although there were no visible signs of restriction on the lip, the release felt like the lip smiling widely.

After treatment

Freer movement of the area below the lower lip, less ‘attached’.  Neck rotation much easier with less crunching. Scar feels smoother and wire like line almost negligible. Distance between neck and shoulders feels extended and relaxed.


Tina's chin