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About Body Realignment

This therapy has developed over the years from a technique called Bio-mobility, a beautifully simple way of helping the body to release pain by applying pressure to key points while gently putting the body into the position in which it was damaged.

Bio-mobility in its turn developed from Ortho-Bionomy which was developed decades ago by osteopath Arthur Pauls in recognition of the body’s need to release patterns of holding trauma within the muscles and fascia (connective tissue)..

Body Realignment is a painless treatment and deeply relaxing. It is a deep-working therapy that heals trauma to the soft tissues of the body, eliminates toxins and restores normal alignment. When the body is correctly aligned, the circulation of blood, lymph and energy are restored, assisting the body to return to normal health.

Not only is the painful area treated in Body Realignment sessions but the whole body because, once there has been injury, there will have been compensation around that injury to protect it. In other words, because the normal muscle movement has been affected, the body adapts but, in adapting, the body’s efficiency is affected. This situation will usually have led to misalignment and muscle tension/ pain, normally from head to toe. The fascia (connective tissue) is also affected and we work to release restriction caused by injury, scarring and adhesions, and emotional trauma.

Because the body has been ‘stuck’ in incorrect alignment, sometimes for a long time, one treatment is rarely sufficient. The body needs to be re-educated and this means that consolidating treatments are needed to reinforce correct alignment. Usually the damage is the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’, in other words there is a history of long-term build up of stress and tension which has weakened the body and made it vulnerable to this last injury.

Because the mind and the body are inextricably linked, when there has been emotional trauma in the past, as the normal realignment is restored, pent-up emotions are often released, leading to lowering of stress levels and a general improvement in emotional stability.


How many sessions of treatment are needed?

Because Body Realignment goes to the heart of a problem, it is vital that a full course of treatment be undergone. Each person’s history is unique, but it generally takes between three and six treatments to not only correct the present problem but to clear the body of the trauma history lying behind it. People with a long history of pain will need more sessions than those with no previous problems.

What conditions can be treated?

  • Neck whiplash (can be worked on within 72 hours of injury)
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Trauma from past injury (difficulties giving birth, traumatic injury)
  • Chronic pain of unknown origin (e.g. back, neck, joints)
  • Chronic headaches of unknown origin
  • Emotional imbalances and distress
  • Slow healing after operations or accidents
  • Sports injuries, even old consolidated injuries
  • Stress – physical and mental
  • Frozen shoulder

    ScarWork may be needed before you are realigned: from cosmetic surgery to radical surgery, scars can benefit from ScarWork. They often cause adhesions which can create deep discomfort or pain. Even if your scars are too small to be causing major problems, ScarWork can usually help uneven scars, ‘lumpiness’, raised areas and unsightly distortion.

Combination treatment

A treatment combining Energy Field Therapy and Body Realignment is also available. The client stays clothed and this treatment has the advantage of clearing patterns of ‘energetic’ congestion at the same time as realigning the body. A very powerful combination.

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To discuss which form of treatment is best for you and to book a treatment please call 01753 867877 or 07724 027 748 or email the clinic.