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About Energy Field Therapy

Energy Field Therapy is an approach to healthcare which originated in China and has only recently come to this country. A subtle but powerful treatment, it is based on the clearance of blockages from the body’s energy field. Our physical body is surrounded and permeated by an electrical field, the natural flow of which is essential to our health.

The flow can become blocked through emotional trauma, disease or accident and this results in a disruption of energy to the major organs of the body. As a result our physical and emotional health is affected, with the body becoming sluggish, fatigued and, eventually, diseased.

How is the therapy given?

The therapist is trained to be sensitive to the patient’s energy field, using the hands to ‘scan’ that field, without touching the body, locating and clearing areas of blockage. The patient is treated either standing or lying down as appropriate and remains clothed.

The treatment is given for up to an hour a day over four consecutive days. During this time the flow of energy within and around the body is freed and enhanced; this ‘kick-starts’ the body’s natural ability to self-heal. In the weeks that follow many changes will occur, leading to an increased sense of well-being and improved health.


How many sessions of treatment are needed?

Although for some patients one course is sufficient, most will need at least one follow-up treatment; these are given at six-weekly intervals. It must be remembered that this is not a ‘quick fix’ but a deep approach which goes to the root of the problem and, consequently, can take time in cases of serious illness.

What conditions can be treated?

Energy Field Therapy is used to treat any condition because it works as a catalyst to help the body heal itself. The therapy has helped people with, for example: Multiple Sclerosis; Cancer; M.E.; Cerebral Palsy; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Head Injuries and Central Nervous System damage.

It has also produced excellent results with conditions such as: Migraine; Menstrual Irregularity; Sciatica; Allergies; Depression; Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Panic Attacks; Circulation Problems and Asthma.

The therapy is very effective in helping slow-healing fractures and in reducing recovery time after surgery or any injury. It also helps reduce the level of tension in the body generally. It is an excellent aid to dealing with stress.

Who can be treated?

Anyone of any age and level of mobility. Babies and children respond especially well to Energy Field Therapy, whether they are seriously ill, or simply going through a difficult period (e.g. after a traumatic birth, or suffering because of bullying, parental divorce, etc.) Animals are also very responsive, even in cases where other methods of treatment have been unsuccessful.


Four consecutive days, one hour per day: £400.00

Babies – half-an-hour per week as needed: £25.00

Two-hour treatment incorporating Body Realignment and Energy Healing (excellent holistic ‘tonic’ / health maintenance once good health has been restored): £200.00


To book a session please call 07724 027 748/ 01753 867877 or email the clinic.
For details of a therapist in your area please also contact the clinic.