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Clinic days:

Monday to Friday (Saturday morning occasionally available if you cannot make a weekday)

Treatment fees

I operate a sliding scale of charges when working from my Windsor clinic.

To reflect my experience of about 27 years in complementary therapy, a background as a State Registered Nurse, and the specialist nature of my work, my normal fee is £100 per hour.  However, this is out of the reach of some, so you are very welcome to pay between £60 and £100 for the 1 hour, and between £90 and £150 for the 1.5 hour sessions, according to means.  Babies (1/2 hour sessions) and children up to 18 years of age (1 hour sessions) are half the adult price (minimum charge for 1/2 hour £20).

My work is more than just a job to me and I never turn anyone away. So if you are on a low income please contact me to work out an alternative payment plan.  Or to discuss the possibility of being a case study in my training school for my students.

If you are on a higher income and are able to pay my full rate, thank you; this enables me to offer a lower priced option to people who cannot afford it but who need help.

N.B.  Clinics in North London and in Petersfield, Sussex, involve travel and, therefore, the top fee is applicable.


Scars and adhesions from operations or accidents can lead to a chronic pattern of damage throughout the body, resulting in misalignment, pain and reduced function of the main organs.  This is light, painless work, developed by Sharon Wheeler.   Having met Sharon in the States in 2014, I went back there to train with her and was the first accredited ScarWork tutor in the UK.  I can work on anything from bikini line scars to mastectomies, appendectomies to facial scarring.  See link for some before and after photos of scars.

Session duration: 1 hour or 1.5 hours

Body Realignment

A hands-on treatment, clearing patterns of damage in the body.   Chronic pain, structural issues, chronic fatigue, neck whiplash, emotional trauma; this profoundly working therapy aims to assist with most conditions.

Session duration:  1.5 hours (You will probably need 4-6 sessions or require more if you have a history of chronic pain).

Combination treatment

A treatment combining Energy Field Therapy (see below) and Body Realignment.  This treatment has the advantage of clearing patterns of ‘energetic’ congestion at the same time as realigning the body; flooding the body with energy assists the physical release.

Session duration: 1.5 hours.

Energy Field Therapy

Energy Field Therapy facilitates the flow of your natural energy which assists the body to heal itself.  An ancient and well-tried technique, the results can be dramatic or unfold more slowly; either way the aim is to effect a general improvement in the body’s function, and the emotional and mental state.

Session duration: 1 hour

Course of treatment for chronic conditions: 1 hour per day for four consecutive days

To discuss which form of treatment is best for you and to book a treatment please call 01753 867877 or 07724 027 748 or email the clinic.

On booking you will be sent full details and directions for the clinic which is in Eton Wick, near Windsor