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Fascial Unwinding & Energy Awareness 4-day course



Jan’s fascial unwinding 4-day intensive is a gold nugget of a course. For therapists there are many courses to choose from – we don’t expect them all to be life-changing, but if Fascial Unwinding is new to you, in four days with Jan you will gain enough insight and practical experience to use your new tool with confidence. I really enjoyed my 4 days with Jan, my clients with pain are particularly benefiting, and I am still using it.

Andrea Baxter 2013


I really did enjoy the course. There were a few different facets to it which made it really interesting. I think myofascial on its own could have been a bit boring over 3 days, but I really loved the energy work and body realignment. The combination of the different aspects is what I really enjoyed. The course inspired me to do more energy work and I that is possibly the direction I will head. I have been interested in emotional release bodywork for some time and have thought that this is the area I would like to work towards, so it was helpful to re-affirm this for me.

Jan is a very good teacher, very engaging, approachable and down to earth and I was really impressed.

Louise 2014


I wasn’t sure what to expect coming on this course. I had done some fascial unwinding before and it wasn’t an area that I was comfortable in both giving and receiving. However, this course has really enlightened and inspired me. From receiving this work my body feels more flexible and lighter and I feel more energised and motivated. Its hard to explain but I feel different and more positive. Experiencing these benefits first hand makes me feel very keen to share with my clients so they can also benefit from this. I think my approach to the way I practised massage before has changed. I believe in myself more and know that I don’t need to try so hard to get the desired results. Without a doubt this course has changed my life and I would strongly recommend it.

Alison Emery 2015


I loved exploring further into how physical and emotional trauma may manifest in the body resulting in misalignment. I personally feel ‘lighter’. I am more aware of my own energy and conscious not to hang on to negativity especially that picked up from other people. I have a better understanding of my clients’ conditions and needs and have truly gained a useful tool that is easily incorporated into existing treatment protocol.

Jane Fuller 2015


Jan was so welcoming and reassuring, the course was well covered and the practice sessions were for me the best – I just love hands on and it was amazing to feel what was happening and having reassurance that I was doing the right thing was beneficial.

Jakki Hesse 2015        


I had looked forward to this course to gain an further understand & skill surrounding energy and with it the body’s unwinding… I did experience major changes.

Subconsciously I must have been ‘Open’ ready for the conditions to be right, because I released. In the practical sessions I outpoured these unexplainable emotions and thoughts through the duration of the four days. Supported and safe, in the group, I moved through.

The result, externally this left me feeling as if I had cast off a very dusty coat. Internally… as a new oak barrel!   I am now, compelled to gain further understanding behind our aura, life’s energy and this skill… gift to liberate mind and body.

Karen T 2015


I think I benefited as much professionally as I did personally.

Professionally I think the techniques will enhance my practice as some people who initially come for a clinical/deep tissue massage need something gentler, but which works just if not more deeply in the body than massage to start their healing journey. It can be used as a stand alone too, or can be incorporated as part of their regular treatment. It is a another brilliant tool for the tool box.

It also gave me a better understanding of how the body works and what problems can be caused my misalignment and holding patterns in our body. It also has less impact on my body as a therapist.

Personally I know it has started a healing process in me, put me back in touch with the energetic side of what I do, which is basically where I started. It has reignited my passion in that area and how it can help me clear out blocks in my body.

Lisa Satchwell 2015


Personally – far more aware of my own energy, and lack of, to respect & take better care of myself.

Liked ideas of how to let go of other’s energy, even just when still in thoughts, at the end of treatment and the day, as well as when they recur, finding myself slightly less overwhelmed by other people’s stuff and feeling more healthily detached from.

Feel very different within myself.

Professionally – finding the fascial diaphragms really effective integrated into treatment to help relax, and release specific areas of tension & offer a much more holistic balance than ever felt before.

More aware of some client’s energy.

Jan Gray 2018