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Sharon Wheeler


SCARWORK is the brainchild of Sharon Wheeler of Seattle, U.S.   Originally trained by Ida Rolf, Sharon has been a Rolfer for 40 years.  During this time she has developed an approach to working with scars that has only been available as a training in the UK since 2014.

More than  a series of techniques, ScarWork is an approach to reconfiguring the soft tissues, normally reducing the adhesions left by the scarring and improving the scar’s appearance.  Adhesions connect structures that should not be connected; this can restrict mobility and organ function, and create pain.  Sharon teaches ScarWork around the world and it is becoming known as the scar therapy training of choice.  ScarWork is a gentle therapy, easy on the therapist and the client, employing the lightest of touch.  This may seem counter-intuitive as the old approach used to be one of ‘breaking down’ scar tissue, but the light touch is effective and painless.


jan2ScarWork instructor certificate

Jan Trewartha  runs 4-day ScarWork training courses around the UK, teaching therapists how to work with all sorts of scars, free up adhesions and improve physical function.  Part of the course is the invitation to members of the public to come for free treatment by the supervised students; this way the students work on a variety of scars and return to their clinics confident and able.

Working with scar tissue is like speaking another language in the world of fascia. ScarWork is light, casual, and effective on most scars. It is easy to learn and a pleasure to do. There are over 20 techniques that smooth out uneven lumps, bumps, ridges, strings, gaps, and fill holes painlessly and apparently permanently.  Re-establishing the resilient 3D quality of the fascial web creates better functioning. With the restrictions and adhesions of a scar resolved, impaired nerves can regain sensation and internal organ functions can normalize. Not to mention that the cosmetic effect can be remarkable.

You are encouraged to volunteer your own scars for work to experience this first hand and we will have a variety of scar models (members of the public) joining us for practice.  A system of roving teams gives each student the chance to learn at their own pace while being part of a larger inspired team.


N.B. Applicants must be practising bodywork/physical therapists with a minimum of one year’s experience.

Jan also works as a therapist in her clinic in Eton Wick, near Windsor:  Clinic information

Please contact Jan if you would like to be notified when she is offering free treatment with her students:

TO SEE BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS of scars that have been worked on by supervised students or qualified ScarWorkers, take a look at the Testimonial page.

ScarWork is hitting the headlines in the popular Press now; here the Daily Mail covers some work by Emma Holly, Accredited ScarWork Tutor.


Renowned fascia researcher, Dr Robert Schleip of the University of Ulm, Germany, uses ultrasound to demonstrate the efficacy of ScarWork while in Prague, working with Sharon Wheeler.

24 hours later, the changes have been maintained:

In October 2016, four ScarWorkers – Emma Holly, Kat Chu, Megan Bennett and Jan Trewartha – went to Bosnia with Healing Hands Network to work with the victims of the Bosnian war, which finished over 20 years ago.  Many people were scarred and we worked with shrapnel and sniper bullet injuries as well as the normal scars of everyday life.  Here is an excerpt from Jan’s diary which will give you an idea of what the people of Sarajevo are still going through, plus the experience of being a volunteer in this interesting and unusual city.  Diary.