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Car accident and neck whiplash

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I came to Jan Trewartha in December 2000 feeling very out of sorts and down. I was in the middle of a very confusing and fearful time in my life and had heard of the Energy Clinic from a friend who suggested it may help ground me and do me some good.

After the first session I slept like a baby and felt amazing the next day. However, during the second session Jan asked me if I had ever had a problem with my neck and right shoulder. I told her of a whiplash injury I had sustained when I was eight. It had caused me so many problems and I was still suffering sometimes from pain and tension in that area. Jan used some hands-on and used all her other wonderful healing powers and I left feeling ok.

On the way home, a journey of 40 minutes, I cried without stopping. It came from deep within and as I was driving home, I had to pull into a lay-by as the memories returned. I saw the accident in slow motion and my mother coming towards me looking petrified (she had three small children in the minibus which crashed). I also saw all the blood and the look on everyone’s faces and all the injuries around me and for the first time I felt the accident and all that went with it. It was the most powerful image I have ever had of a memory and, since that time and after the other two sessions had finished, I have never had any pain in that area again.

I felt a huge release and I know that I have been healed of a very traumatic experience which must have been shaping my life in a lot of ways. Every time I overtook a car I always had the thought that I would die one day in a head on collision. I never think that at all now and know that is not how I will go. Wow! I think I could have done with more work as I know the healing works in layers and I know I still have lots of layers to unfold and heal. However, there is a part of me which feels healed and I am very grateful to Jan and her work.

Miss C.U.

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Repeated Neck Whiplash

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On my first visit to Jan, I was hunched up in pain. I had been involved in four road traffic accidents, all of which had given me painful whiplash injuries. I found walking, bending down and lifting things really hard as my shoulders and neck were permanently in spasm.

When she treated me, I noticed that Jan treated my whole body, starting with my feet and working upwards through every muscle of my body. It was like unravelling a tangled ball of string. Little by little, all the muscles were unravelled and redirected along their proper path. Jan could read me like a book, revealing several other earlier incidents that I had forgotten but my body had not. Layer by layer they were dealt with and shed, leaving me lighter in spirit and my body working properly for the first time in decades.

I feel I received a totally holistic treatment through this kind of therapy. What was fascinating was that emotions and memories came up and sometimes reappeared in flashbacks and dreams. As quickly as they surfaced, they were dealt with and disappeared. Everything in mind, body and spirit became realigned. My life is now back to normal for the first time in years and I cannot thank Jan enough.


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Ms H.

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(Neck Whiplash)

Body Realignment Therapy is the best thing I have ever done for myself!

Having suffered an injury at work as Cabin Crew, then later a whiplash injury in a car accident, I had become so immobile, and in such pain that I could no longer do my job. In an effort to remedy the situation I pursued many routes, from needles to painkillers, stretching to strapping, yanking to cranking.

After five years and approximately £5,000 spent on treatment, I had reached a plateau. Each therapy had only given me short-term relief and I was coming round to the idea that this would be my lot, and I would just have to learn to live with the back pain as best I could.

Then last year I met Jan Trewartha, Energy Healer and Body Realignment Therapist, and I embarked upon a series of treatments. I sit here now, writing this, unaware of back pain, and feeling lighter in my body and in my heart.

The treatment itself is gentle, relaxing and enjoyable. After each treatment I have a sense of something having shifted just a little further. I feel like a puppet that is in the process of getting some new strings. There is no quick fix here, just a steady return to mobility and to physical freedom.

Thank you Jan for the work that you do, and for your kindness, love and dedication.

Alex Lamb

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(Post-operative pain and reduced mobility – scar healing)

I was diagnosed with bone cancer in my left femur in late 2005 when I was 49. I was admitted to hospital very soon afterwards to be operated on to remove the tumour, which in effect meant removing my thighbone and replacing it with metal, screws & medical cement. I had well over 30 staples in the incision, which stretches from my knee to my upper thigh.

My recovery period was long, three months before I could walk unaided and almost nine months with a noticeable limp. The limp just would not go away, despite physiotherapy I was unable to walk at any speed and I was feeling depressed about how long this horrendous experience was lasting and the effect it was having on my life. I was still holding my body away from the cancerous leg and it was having a knock-on effect on my back, hips and shoulders. Emotionally I felt I had been butchered, I had felt no pain from the tumour prior to the operation and had come away from hospital with a horrible scar. I had been having very regular massage to aid healing and although this was therapeutic to a point nothing seemed to change. I contacted Jan, I had visited her before when I had horrendous back pain.

She took a full medical history from me and I explained how I was feeling both physically and emotionally. Jan spent almost two hours working on my body; it was no surprise to her that what happened to was so deep rooted throughout my being. During our first session I felt very relaxed, there was no pain and Jan worked with a light touch, manipulating my body. There were moments of doubt, how could something so comfortable help me? The proof was when I got off the bench and walked back to my car. It may sound strange but I was walking completely differently, it felt odd, but good. I was able to pick up my leg and bend it normally; it didn’t feel as heavy as before. I remember saying to a friend that I felt I was trotting down the road like a horse, it felt so fast!

During our following sessions, my physical state improved noticeably each time. Emotionally it was a real roller coaster. As Jan released my body I relived every aspect of what had happened to me. From sitting in the surgeon’s room being told I had cancer to being wheeled down to theatre and recovering in the hospital, the food, the people I’d met. The fear, the anger and the joy of still being alive. The experience really cleared everything I’d been holding on to that was causing me pain. It was lovely to feel safe enough to do that with someone so professional and caring, she seemed to understand and was able to go through this with me, was never judgmental and always positive and encouraging. The other strange thing was that I had recently started the menopause and was having terrible times with flushes and night sweats, unable to sleep; these have all disappeared too!

After I had seen Jan I felt well enough to book a long holiday to celebrate my new found health and set off round Asia. I walked a lot on my adventure and the pain and discomfort did not return, I actually was able to run a little as well, something I thought I would never do again.

Susan Clark

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(General Tension and old Injuries)

I first began having massage with Jan many years ago and was lucky to be a regular client as she transformed her work into the Body Realignment work that she does today. I have never experienced such profound clearing on the physical body before. The small gentle movements seem to unlock deep old unconscious holdings and with her great skill and care I was able to release some tight holding patterns and injuries that I had assumed would be with me for life. My body is free and relaxed and I am back to the loose body I had as a practicing dancer. I highly recommend either Jan’s treatments or training with her to be a therapist or preferably both!