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Bunion correction

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Laura Hayward


BoneWork to big toe only, where it was compressing and lifting.  You can see on the right hand (after) photo, that the compression (crumpled look) has gone and the big toe has flattened down.

“I am truly amazed at the difference fifteen minutes of bone work can do!  My whole foot feels fuller, wider and I can feel it connecting with the ground as I walk in a more fluid way.”  Laura Hayward

Toe straightening

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Sue P presented with long term misalignment of the feet, something I would connect with her chronic back pain, her main reason for consulting me. This work, before and after pics above, took about 20 minutes.  You can see that the little toe has changed shape, the toes generally have improved definition, there is a little more space between the toes but, primarily,  the big toe has rotated into its correct position from being angled to the right.

Not perfect yet, and they need more work, but a good start. As the feet realign,  a domino effect occurs throughout the body so some Body Realignment is needed to back up the BoneWork.  After a few treatments,  and with supplementary work to the whole body, the back should realign and Sue’s posture and comfort improve condiderably.

Therapist: Jan Trewartha


Bilateral Fractured Elbows

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Chris H fell over and fractured both her elbows.  When they healed, she was unable to straighten her arms while her shoulders were anterior and medially rotated, creating tension and discomfort.


Before treatment


About an hour’s BoneWork where the humerus and scapula were repositioned and the elbows mobilised, allowed Chris’s arms to fall correctly and to straighten:


After treatment

Therapist: Jan Trewartha, Windsor UK