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Susie Smyth

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I have known Jan for at least 10 years and received many expert hands-on massage treatments. I started Energy Field Therapy three years ago. The first four-day course was remarkable, I felt a definite inner shift and looking back now seriously regret not following it up with more regular treatments (obviously in denial). Jan has been working closely with me recently as I go through chemotherapy for breast cancer. Perhaps you can now see why I regret not facing more of my demons years ago, all those energy blocks caused by anger, guilt and self doubt most certainly attributed to my current illness.

Energy Field Therapy is difficult to talk about because the treatment is tacit not explicit. Basically the body and mind are one and both have to flow effectively. Jan can identify the blocks through her highly tuned awareness of a person’s energy field. For example a blockage of energy around the liver could in simple terms indicate anger, fear or just too much wine, both are usually the case in my body so between us we can isolate the emotional and physical causes and focus on the flow.

These are very difficult days for me and I need a great deal of help from complementary medicine across a broad spectrum such as nutritional, cranial osteopathy, meditation etc. I have chosen Energy Field Therapy because it works! My message is stay with it – go the distance and bring up those mental and physical blocks under the safe and caring hands of Jan. Don’t peep under the covers like I did and run back into the traffic jam – get on the freeway of flowing mind and body energy.

My cancer is like a traffic cop who has booked me for speeding. I now have a few points on my licence and a severe telling off. However I am still at the wheel and have every intention of driving myself into beautiful places away from the stress of congestion with the help of Jan and Energy Field Therapy.