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Facial scar

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(From someone who came to be worked on by the students during a training course, under supervision).

The ScarWorks session was useful to understand many things about my life. It was not only me. It was attended by many women and one little girl. This made me think that maybe men don’t mind the scars on their bodies. Another observation was that a lady with difficulties to walk was very sensitive and her husband joined her to that session. Two ladies friends came together. The think is nobody came with scars on her face. I felt unique in this case.. Every model explained in public her case, mostly become by accidents and clinic operations. All students paying lot of attention and seem very good listeners.

So many cases at a time in one session was worth for both parties: models and students. It was sharing the same feelings, frustrations and for the students a lot to learn from different real experiences and good time to practice the technics learnt before during the course.

Several students came to touch my scars and doing practices. When Jan Trewartha came I felt an special energy on her hands touching my scars. It was different, it was deeper. I felt very relaxing and comfortable. Just I was understanding  and accepting these scars on my face are part of my body forever. She said that it is not possible to repair but the suggestion was to do some improvements under the skin with massages to prevent consequences in the future.

Martha, 25 February 2015