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Confidence Building

This course is aimed at helping nyone suffering from low confidence. It introduces you to simple methods of taking care of yourself during difficult times and works on building up your confidence, self-respect and self-worth.

This is a one-day course and, amongst other topics, it focuses on helping participants to:

  • understand how you perceive yourself and work on creating a more positive self-image
  • have encouragement and permission to focus on your own needs, hopes and dreams
  • see that you can create change in your life
  • look at your life with respect to diet, exercise, quiet time and sleep balance with the understanding that good self-care breeds self-respect and self-love
  • understand the importance of food for physical and emotional health and strength
  • acknowledge your strong points and achievements
  • learn a simple meditation to promote positivity and health
  • understand the importance of creating a pleasant environment at home because you deserve to live happily and with beauty around you
  • recognise and avoid people/situations that drain your energy and/or make you feel bad about yourself

This course can be brought to your home or workplace, please contact us for details.