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Diploma in Body Realignment

Body in Harmony Training is APNT accredited and BCMA affiliated.  It was founded specifically to train massage-trained therapists to diploma level in the technique of Body Realignment.  Since then, the school has expanded to teach courses on fascia, energy, dowsing and ScarWork.

The course is taught by Jan Trewartha, the school’s founder and Principal.

Body Realignment is invaluable in the treatment of many injuries, including:

  • Post-operative problems; poor physical and/or emotional healing after operation
  • Long-term pain which is unresponsive to skeletal manipulation
  • Sports injuries, especially old, consolidated injuries which cause repeated problems
  • Post-natal back pain caused by traumatic birth
  • Scar healing
  • Neck whiplash, recent or old
  • Stress
  • Emotional and physical trauma of any origin

Body Realignment has developed from Biomobility which in its turn was developed by homoeopath Maureen Arnold from osteopath Arthur Paul’s Ortho-Bionomy; it is a beautifully simple way of working with the body to help it release physical and emotional trauma.

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