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Self Care for Those Who Care

Caring for others, nursing, teaching, working as a therapist; these are all roles which involve the constant giving out of energy. And at what cost? One which can and will result in our own serious ill health if we ignore it.

Learning to take care of yourself is vital if you work in the giving professions, and if you are someone to whom others come constantly with their needs and problems. If your own glass is full then it can overflow to others without draining you; if it is only half-full and you have to keep giving out to others, then you are seriously at risk.

There comes a time in our life when we have to look at ourselves honestly and decide whether there is balance in our lives. Are we receiving as much as we are giving? Are we caring for ourselves as well as we care for others? Or are we sacrificing ourselves because, hard as it is to admit it, our own self-worth is so low we feel others are more important than we are?

What will you get from these workshops?

  • An understanding of the long-term effects of fatigue on your mental & physical health
  • Time and support in assessing your lifestyle and what needs to change
  • Tools to start healing yourself and implementing balance in your life
  • An understanding of why you find it so hard to say ‘NO’
  • Help to start the process of change, as you work towards ‘filling your glass’

If you are ready to acknowledge that you could be caring for yourself better, and that this would allow you to give even more to others but without detriment to yourself, then this workshop is for you. Informal and supportive, run by a facilitator who understands the particular needs and problems carers and givers face, this workshop is a safe place for you to start changing your life.

For details of the next course or to arrange a course at your workplace, please contact us.