Fascial Unwinding & Energy Awareness Course Syllabus

An intensive course designed to increase the practitioner’s ability to tune in to the client, perceive areas of restriction, elicit the causes through assessment of the client’s daily habits, and respond to the deeper subtleties of the client’s emotional and physical state using fascial unwinding as an effective tool.  Through a careful combination of theory and practical, the therapist is taken to an increased level of awareness and ability which provides a knowledge-base suitable for addition to most therapeutic work.

The primary aim of this course is to develop the therapist’s understanding of the fascia and their ability to feel and release fascial restriction.  We teach you to follow the tissue as it replays its traumatic patterning; this is a skill that will inform your work whatever your modality and is also an invaluable training to partner the ScarWork courses that we run. The energy work is included because Fascial Unwinding releases stagnant energy and the ability to be aware of, and clear the energy blockages enhances both assessment and treatment, as well as developing the therapist’s subtle awareness.

Day 1

  • Overview of the fascia.  Why work on the fascia?
  • Memory of physical/emotional trauma by the fascia and energy field.
  • Causes and effects of misalignment
  • Postural assessment – standing and walking
  • Introduction to energy field awareness
  • Self-scanning – assessment of your own body’s physical/energetic balance

Day 2

  • Revision of day 1 theory
  • Scanning the energy field - physically/visually/’sensing’
  • Couch assessment – physical/’energetic’
  • Fascial unwinding of the body

Day 3

  • Causes and effects of physical and emotional trauma
  • Holding the space during trauma release
  • Clearing blockages in the energy field
  • Self-unwinding (head/neck) (self care) and of the client’s head/neck
  • Occipito-sacral balancing 

Day 4

  • Revision of day 3 theory
  • Revision of all techniques
  • During the final afternoon of training, students exchange complete Fascial Unwinding treatments