Sharon Wheeler’s BoneWork

An innovative approach working on soft tissue to affect the skeleton

A new way of working with bone problems.

Sharon Wheeler’s BoneWork is an approach designed to work with old fractures, bent or distorted bones, compressed bones and joints.

Vectors of pressure applied to joints or bones to facilitate change

Firm but painless pressure into the periosteum (fascia surrounding the bone), can facilitate the bone healing, as it lengthens, decompresses, or rolls back into position.

BoneWork can be applied to anywhere in the body including the head; distorted skulls, facial fractures etc. can be approached with this therapy, normally effectively

Soft tissue is freed up local to the injury to allow tension release first

Firm but painless pressure at complementary angles is applied at the site of injury to facilitate the bone’s self-healing, self-repositioning

The therapist does not force but works with the body

When the bone moves back into position, or lengthens, this adjusts the internal architecture of the body, helping to restore normal equilibrium and taking the stress of other structures

A revolutionary approach to bone problems.

Is an old fracture or a distorted big toe affecting you or causing pain?

Bone is just tissue and our mantra is ‘tissue always goes home’.  It just needs the correct assistance sometimes.  Sharon Wheeler’s BoneWork therapists are trained to approach these issues in a very different way, understanding that we are facilitators for the body’s natural ability to self-adjust.

When we apply the pressure we check in with the clients – “Does this feel comfortable, pain free, and ‘right’?”

We follow the body’s pain guidelines – if it feels right to you, and to us, then it is what the body needs.   If it does not, we try different angles, pressures and techniques until we can connect with the body correctly.


an Trewartha: I have a very broad skillset, as well as 30 years of experience and a foundation as a State Registered Nurse. I was also the first tutor in Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork in the UK (there are still only three tutors in the country).  I never just treat a scar or an injury as a localised trauma, but look at the full body and bring in specialist work as needed; I have had specific training in rebalancing the body (Body Realignment), working with the TMJ (jaw), BoneWork (bone deformities, badly healed fractures etc.), pelvic girdle and cranium.  I also use Energy Field Therapy to clear energy blocks and emotional issues.  As those of you who are therapists and have read my book Scars, Adhesions and the Biotensegral Body  will know, I take a biotensegral approach. Biotensegrity is the 'new biomechanics’, understanding the complete continuity of all physical structures, all moving in accommodation with each other; any emotional or physical restriction therefore affects the whole body and this informs my approach to my clients’ recovery.  I work with a variety of postural issues, trauma, scars and adhesions, and body imbalances.

Therapies offered: ScarWork, Fascia and Energy work.

Fees: £100 for an hour; £150 for 1.5 hours.

If you would like instead to be a 'scar model' for free work with my supervised students on my ScarWork courses, please contact me.

Please email Jan direct on