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Jan Trewartha BA (Hons.)
Body Realigner
Energy Field Therapist

  • Principal; Body in Harmony Training
  • Fascia & Energy Consultant APNT
  • Director; British Fascia Symposium
  • Member of the Biotensegrity Interest Group (BIG)


Clinic in Windsor, Berkshire.

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Jan Trewartha has been in healthcare since 1979. A former State Registered Nurse trained by the Queen Alexandra Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC), she has worked in complementary therapy since 1992, developing her present work specializing in physical and emotional trauma release. This is the culmination of many years of training and experience in different disciplines.  She has had the privilege of working at grass roots level with medical patients on the wards and in the operating theatre.   This is what has directly influenced her choice of specialisation; physical trauma and scarring.

Jan has run her own practice since 1992 and has been teaching since 1993.  Her background includes: Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, Biomobility, Energy Field Therapy, ScarWork, BoneWork, Structural Integration for the Cranium and TMJ therapy. She also runs Body in Harmony Training, providing the 4 day course in Fascial Unwinding & Energy Awareness, the Diploma in Body Realignment and training in ScarWork, Sharon Wheeler’s training in scar and adhesion clearing. Jan is also the Fascia & Energy Representative for the APNT (Association of Physical and Natural Therapists) and a member of the Biotensegrity Interest Group (BIG).

In 2014 Jan directed the first British Fascia Symposium – a practice-led event designed to raise awareness of Fascia amongst therapists in the UK; this was also attended by practitioners from Europe, Scandinavia, America, New Zealand and Australia, and was repeated in 2016.  The Symposium will be held again 12/13 May 2018.

At the Body in Harmony clinic the emphasis is on helping you to take back control in your life, whether over physical injuries that have been causing difficulty, or emotional issues that have been affecting you.

Real healing comes from dealing with a problem at source, not just from ‘putting a plaster over a wound’. To this end, two types of treatment are offered at the Body in Harmony clinic, each very powerful in their own way; Body Realignment and Energy Field Therapy.

To decide the best treatment for you please read the Clinic information or contact Jan.


Following operations or accidents, badly-healed scars will almost inevitably lead to the development of adhesions. Restriction of the natural movement in the connective tissues of the body will result. This has a domino effect through the body and will contribute to mobility problems and possibly organ dysfunction in years to come. ScarWork can clear areas of congestion and enable the scar to heal properly.  See Testimonials for case studies of different scars.



Training for therapists around the country. 
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Fascial Unwinding & Energy Awareness

Learn to tune in at a deep level and work with the body to release fascial restriction.

What is Fascial Unwinding?

This course is open to all practising bodyworkers and is a useful adjunct to most modalities. It is also the required Foundation course for the diploma in Body Realignment – starts November in Berkshire (see below)

Student Testimonials for the Fascial Unwinding Course

Sharon Wheeler of Seattle U.S. has developed a powerful system of scar and adhesion healing which is being taught now in the UK.  Jan is one of only two accredited ScarWork tutors in the UK.

Body Realignment
A year-long diploma course in this system combining Facilitated Positional Release with Energy work and Body Reading.  Develop your awareness of the subtleties of the body ……. develop yourself