Student Testimonials for the Fascial Unwinding Energy Awareness Course



I have been looking for a modality that links/bridges the physical and emotional ailments – thus to release them.  I have found it in this course.

Super venue, (Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire) calming atmosphere, always felt safe & supported & understood!

Victoria Smith 2019



I’ve never laughed so much on a course, nor felt so nurtured.

Emma Stafford 2019



Taught me skills to help heal myself and other people. Huge step in my life.

Tom Nath 2019



I am still learning how best to incorporate the Fascial Unwinding into my acupuncture treatments, but since adding the FU I have had a definite improvement in the Musculo-skeletal conditions such as stiff necks and sore shoulders, as well as with some patients with anxiety and fibromyalgia in particular. So I am becoming more and more convinced of its benefits and am using it now on every patient, with the needles as an add on.

Jennifer Macpherson 2019



I feel this course will be life changing for me.  Thank you.

Mel Mortimer 2019


My touch has got lighter to be more sensitive & subtle to contact, connect & feel the fascia with more people now. I generally feel more connected by going lighter in touch & attitude in all my work.

I think this course is very useful, maybe essential, to allow ScarWork to work to its best potential.

Jan Gray 2018



I realise I have been working with my clients’ fascia, or more importantly against it, most of my career.  This course has been informative, fun, hands on and provided several ‘lightbulb’ moments. Jan’s teaching structure takes into account all abilities of body work and mixes up the theory and practical in well measured portions. She also provides a safe environment for you to explore and experience for yourself what your clients may go through in the releasing of your own fascial trauma. I can’t recommend this course highly enough to a fellow therapist who is looking for that extra string or to answer that nagging question. The cherry on the cake was it all took place in the idyllic setting of Henllys Estate in Wales. The bonus being my partner was able to come too and make the four days a welcome break for us both as he went of trekking and biking.

Laura Hayward 2016