Body Realignment

A light touch, painless therapy designed to free up areas of tension and restriction which may be causing you pain and putting your body out of balance and alignment.

Freeing your body and mind

This therapy has developed over the years from a technique called Biomobility, a beautifully simple way of helping the body to release pain by applying pressure to key points while gently following the body as it will naturally move into the position in which it was damaged.

Biomobility in its turn developed from Ortho-Bionomy which was developed decades ago by osteopath Arthur Pauls in recognition of the body’s need to release patterns of holding trauma within the muscles and fascia. Click here to read more about fascia.

Body Realignment is painless, intuitive and deeply relaxing, helping with physical and emotional trauma, restoring the integrity of the soft tissues of the body, eliminating toxins and helping restore the body's natural balance.

Not only is the painful area treated in Body Realignment sessions but the whole body because, once there has been injury, there will have been compensation around that injury to protect it. In other words, because normal  movement has been affected, the body adapts but, in adapting, the body’s efficiency is affected.

Because the body has been stuck in incorrect alignment, sometimes for a long time, one session is rarely sufficient. The body needs to be re-educated and this means that consolidating treatments are needed to reinforce, to remind the body of what ‘normal’ is.

The mind and the body are inextricably linked, so when there has been emotional trauma in the past, as the normal realignment is restored, pent-up emotions are often released, leading to lowering of stress levels and a general improvement in emotional stability.

How it works

The therapist finds the key points on the body which are usually either very tender or numb.  The therapist then supports the limbs, lifts the hips, or lifts the head as appropriate and follows as the body goes into the position of release.  This position is the same as the original position in which the damage occurred; this is called ‘facilitated positional release’.  As this occurs, the therapist, and sometimes the client, can feel a surge of circulation to the point and the pain disappears, or if there was numbness, feeling returns.  This is done on key points bodywide, having a generally decompressive effect on the body, i.e. allowing the body to expand and ‘breathe’, which helps restore normal functioning.

Body Realignment is gentle and painless

The body releases its muscle holding patterns in the position of damage

It helps restore circulation of blood, lymph and energy

It normally helps free up tension and restrictions in the fascia.

How Body Realignment can help you

If you are in acute or chronic pain and there is no apparent reason, Jan will assess you and take your medical history.  If you have scarring, she will ask to work on the scars first, combining that work with Body Realignment during each session.  Freeing the scars and adhesions helps free up internal tension and distortion and allows for a more permanent effect from the realignment part of the session.

Once you feel you have returned to your normal state of equilibrium and the pain is lessened or gone, it is recommended that you have a couple of check up sessions in a month and two months.  After that, depending on how stressful your life is, you may find it beneficial to have Body Realignment as  a preventive measure four to six monthly.


an Trewartha: I have a very broad skillset, as well as 30 years of experience and a foundation as a State Registered Nurse. I was also the first tutor in Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork in the UK (there are still only three tutors in the country).  I never just treat a scar or an injury as a localised trauma, but look at the full body and bring in specialist work as needed; I have had specific training in rebalancing the body (Body Realignment), working with the TMJ (jaw), BoneWork (bone deformities, badly healed fractures etc.), pelvic girdle and cranium.  I also use Energy Field Therapy to clear energy blocks and emotional issues.  As those of you who are therapists and have read my book Scars, Adhesions and the Biotensegral Body  will know, I take a biotensegral approach. Biotensegrity is the 'new biomechanics’, understanding the complete continuity of all physical structures, all moving in accommodation with each other; any emotional or physical restriction therefore affects the whole body and this informs my approach to my clients’ recovery.  I work with a variety of postural issues, trauma, scars and adhesions, and body imbalances.

Therapies offered: ScarWork, Fascia and Energy work.

Fees: £100 for an hour; £150 for 1.5 hours.

If you would like instead to be a 'scar model' for free work with my supervised students on my ScarWork courses, please contact me.

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