Energy Field Therapy

Energy Field Therapy is an approach to healthcare which originated in China

Subtle work enabling you to move on from the past

A subtle but powerful approach, it is based on the clearance of blockages from the body’s energy field. Our physical body is surrounded and permeated by an electrical field, the natural flow of which is essential to our health.

In Chinese medicine, it is considered that the flow of energy can become blocked or disrupted through emotional trauma, disease or accident and this results in a restricted flow to the energy centres (chakras) and the organs of the body. As a result, our physical and emotional health is affected, with the body becoming sluggish, fatigued and, eventually, diseased.

Rather like doing Chi Gong, but we do it for you

The therapist is trained to be sensitive to the patient’s energy field, using the hands to ‘scan’ that field, without touching the body, locating and clearing areas of blockage. The patient is worked on either standing or lying down as appropriate and remains clothed.

This can be a one off session to help with a minor issue such as a cold or, for more serious problems, it is given for an hour a day over four consecutive days. During this time the flow of energy within and around the body is freed and enhanced; this aims to ‘kick-start’ the body’s natural ability to self-heal. In the weeks that follow many changes can be experienced, and these are designed to lead to an increased sense of well-being and improved health.

Not all of us are willing to look at the deep reasons behind how we feel

Being open to the therapist allows them to help you at a deeper level

The therapist engages with your energy field, facilitating its flow

This is not a plaster over a wound, but an engagement with the real issues behind your poor physical or emotional health

A lighter sense of being

We can become sluggish and tired, disinterested in life.  Or depressed, unable to move on from the past.  If there is no medical reason for this, we may be able to help you by helping the flow of your energy.

We do not necessarily have to feel the way we feel.  This is another way that, if you feel drawn to it, may help you.

I have known Jan for at least 10 years and received many expert hands-on massage treatments. I started Energy Field Therapy three years ago. The first four-day course was remarkable, I felt a definite inner shift and looking back now seriously regret not following it up with more regular treatments (obviously in denial). Jan has been working closely with me recently as I go through chemotherapy for breast cancer. Perhaps you can now see why I regret not facing more of my demons years ago, all those energy blocks caused by anger, guilt and self doubt most certainly attributed to my current illness. Energy Field Therapy is difficult to talk about because the treatment is tacit not explicit. Basically the body and mind are one and both have to flow effectively. Jan can identify the blocks through her highly tuned awareness of a person’s energy field. For example a blockage of energy around the liver could in simple terms indicate anger, fear or just too much wine, both are usually the case in my body so between us we can isolate the emotional and physical causes and focus on the flow. These are very difficult days for me and I need a great deal of help from complementary medicine across a broad spectrum such as nutritional, cranial osteopathy, meditation etc. I have chosen Energy Field Therapy because it works! My message is stay with it – go the distance and bring up those mental and physical blocks under the safe and caring hands of Jan. Don’t peep under the covers like I did and run back into the traffic jam – get on the freeway of flowing mind and body energy.  My cancer is like a traffic cop who has booked me for speeding. I now have a few points on my licence and a severe telling off. However I am still at the wheel and have every intention of driving myself into beautiful places away from the stress of congestion with the help of Jan and Energy Field Therapy. Susie Smyth

After the first session I slept like a baby and felt amazing the next day. In  the second session Jan asked me if I had ever had a problem with my neck and right shoulder. I told her of a whiplash injury I had sustained when I was eight. It had caused me so many problems and I was still suffering sometimes from pain and tension in that area. Jan used some hands-on and used all her other wonderful healing powers and I left feeling ok.

On the way home, a journey of 40 minutes, I cried without stopping. It came from deep within and as I was driving home, I had to pull into a lay-by as the memories returned. I saw the accident in slow motion and my mother coming towards me looking petrified (she had three small children in the minibus which crashed). I also saw all the blood and the look on everyone’s faces and all the injuries around me and for the first time I felt the accident and all that went with it. It was the most powerful image I have ever had of a memory and, since that time and after the other two sessions had finished, I have never had any pain in that area again.

Miss C.U.


an Trewartha: I have a very broad skillset, as well as 30 years of experience and a foundation as a State Registered Nurse. I was also the first tutor in Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork in the UK (there are still only three tutors in the country).  I never just treat a scar or an injury as a localised trauma, but look at the full body and bring in specialist work as needed; I have had specific training in rebalancing the body (Body Realignment), working with the TMJ (jaw), BoneWork (bone deformities, badly healed fractures etc.), pelvic girdle and cranium.  I also use Energy Field Therapy to clear energy blocks and emotional issues.  As those of you who are therapists and have read my book Scars, Adhesions and the Biotensegral Body  will know, I take a biotensegral approach. Biotensegrity is the 'new biomechanics’, understanding the complete continuity of all physical structures, all moving in accommodation with each other; any emotional or physical restriction therefore affects the whole body and this informs my approach to my clients’ recovery.  I work with a variety of postural issues, trauma, scars and adhesions, and body imbalances.

Therapies offered: ScarWork, Fascia and Energy work.

Fees: £100 for an hour; £150 for 1.5 hours.

If you would like instead to be a 'scar model' for free work with my supervised students on my ScarWork courses, please contact me.

Please email Jan direct on