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8 Tips to improve your posture

Today’s lifestyle can impact negatively on our posture; whether it is sitting at a desk all day, engaging with our mobile devices or driving for long distances in a car, we need to be aware of the impact this is having on our bodies. Who would have thought that there could be a significant number…

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Body Realignment – What is it?

What is it? Over the years bad habits such as carrying heavy handbags or poor posture at computers can cause our bodies to become ‘stuck’ in incorrect alignment. Body Realignment therapy aims to do just that – correct our muscles and joints to a more natural position so that we are standing or sitting properly,…

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Releasing the Pain of Childbirth

The body is an incredible organism and it will recover from insult and injury with remarkable resilience. However, as any energy therapist or bodyworker will tell you, it retains the memory of pain and trauma at a subtle level even when the grosser symptoms of injury appear to have healed. We know this, not least…

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Body Realignment

There is something very calming and balanced about Jan Trewartha. She is soft-spoken and walks like a ballerina, as if drawn up by that invisible thread we always hear about when speaking of perfect posture. I bluster in and set my huge handbag, laden with books and various flotsam and jetsam, down heavily in the…

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The Therapist and the ego

We become therapists because we care about others. Often we follow our chosen path because, in a way, it chooses us; we have direct experience of the therapy or it has helped someone we know and we are naturally drawn to explore it further. Those of us who are bodyworkers are tactile people, with hands…

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Realignment Therapy – this month’s treatment on trial

Name: Alex Lamb Age: 51 The Treatment: Body Realignment Therapy The problem: After major surgery on my left leg, my recovery was both physically and emotionally painful. Although the operation had been a success, I couldn’t walk unaided and was housebound for three months. I gained a stone and felt miserable, bored, isolated and depressed.…

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