Body Realignment – What is it?

What is it?
Over the years bad habits such as carrying heavy handbags or poor posture at computers can cause our bodies to become ‘stuck’ in incorrect alignment. Body Realignment therapy aims to do just that – correct our muscles and joints to a more natural position so that we are standing or sitting properly, reducing pain and discomfort in the process.

What can it do for me?
If, like me, you suffer from a stiff back and neck, or have a history of RSI-related problems, Body Realignment may help. The therapy was developed by former nurse and massage expert Jan Trewartha, who believes that the body’s soft tissues ‘remember’ traumatic events, both physical and emotional – be they a broken leg, whiplash, a difficult birth experience or a divorce. Hence she usually combines the therapy with something called ‘energy field therapy’ to help work on the psychological side of things, giving the session a slightly new age feel.

What happened in the session?
Unlike some massage or physio sessions, the treatment was very gentle. First of all Jan assessed my posture standing up, then I lay down on a treatment table and she slowly moved my limbs and joints from head to toe into the correct position. As she went she subtly stretched muscles to release tension and manipulated joints and key pressure points. The treatment brought a particular problem with my lower back to light and it became sore. Jan also moved her hands above me and, using a crystal pendulum, she sought out and healed energy blockages and unresolved emotional issues. I had been cynical about the energy field work but was surprised to feel very emotional – Jan told me my throat chakra was blocked, and that our bodies can remember pain from our childhoods, with our body becoming closed and stiff to try and protect itself.

The verdict
After the session my posture seemed different and at first I felt slightly unbalanced – my hips and head were straighter, and my chest felt wider and more open. I’d definitely like to go for more sessions. Jan told me to avoid carrying heavy bags on one shoulder – a bad habit of mine, and not to do any unnecessary lifting in the next few days as my body was adjusting to the treatment.