Energy Field Therapy – Cathy Struthers has a spring cleaning treatment for mind and body

What Is It ?

Energy Field Therapy is described as spring cleaning for the body. Practitioners say it works by cleaning blockages in the electro-magnetic field which runs around and through our bodies.

Therapists believe that daily stress, emotional trauma and disease can all block or disrupt the energy from flowing freely to the major organs of the body. As a result, our physical and emotional health suffers; the body becomes sluggish and, eventually, diseased. By blasting blockages and shifting stagnation in the ‘life force’ energy field, the body can start to heal and repair itself again.

Energy Field Therapists, of which there are less than 100 in the UK, are trained to be sensitive to the patient’s energy field, using the hands to ‘scan’ the field for blockages without touching the body.

The patient is treated either standing up or lying down, and remains fully clothed. ‘It’s like peeling an onion’ says Jan Trewartha, a former nurse, who works with Sarah Cox at the Energy Field Therapy Clinic in Chobham, Surrey. ‘We peel away layer after layer of accumulated stagnation. I think of the energy field as a stream flowing from a pond at the top of the head, through the body to another pond at the bottom. Leaves, weeds and debris clog up the pond and someone dumps an old pram in it. All this debris blocks the pond so the stream cannot flow.

‘You can treat the pond with weed killer by treating the body with conventional medicine, which will destroy the weeds but won’t get rid of the rubbish. Or you can do what we do and clear away the rubbish, flushing the pond with fresh water and making the way for self-healing. Energy Field Therapy works at a deep level, clearing the residue of physical or emotional illness, past and present, helping develop our full potential as human beings.’

The treatment consists of a one-hour session every day for four consecutive days and reactions vary from person to person. My own was extreme from the start. Just 60 seconds after being asked to imagine myself rooted to the ground like a tree rooted to the earth, I experienced a violent spinning sensation and a rush of emotion which brought tears to my eyes.

‘This sometimes happens, because Energy Field Therapy is like taking the lid off a pressure cooker’ says Trewartha. ‘Some people experience a big emotional release. It’s simply the start of the self-healing process.’

The therapist then concentrates on getting rid of energy blockages by casting them away from the body, layer by layer. As I did, many people get sensations of warmth, pulling or tingling as the therapist works around the body. ‘This is a sign of energy release and realignment taking place’ says Trewartha. ‘The flow of energy in and around the body is being enhanced, ‘kick-starting’ the body’s natural ability to heal itself.’

It takes four to six weeks to see the results, as the body needs time to heal itself once the energy field is again flowing freely.

As the body’s system clears, patients experience a range of reactions. On the up side, you may find you sleep better, feel less tension in your body and feel ‘lighter’ in yourself. On the down side, you may temporarily experience emotional releases of crying, anger or panic, a lack of clarity or extreme fatigue.

‘Not everyone reacts in this way but if they do it only lasts while the body heals. After six weeks you see the real changes, which can be quite dramatic or very subtle,’ says Trewartha. ‘Many people regain a joy for living and feel more confident. Others find their illnesses clear up. But if the patient has any serious illness or has deep emotional scars, they will need more than one course of treatment.’

Flower remedies or essences are often used to follow up the treatment. Each is chosen specifically for the person being treated and can help to speed up the self-healing process.


Energy Field Therapy is an ancient form of medicine that originated in China many millennia ago. It is also popular in Russia and Yugoslavia where families treat each other. It has been practised in the UK for the last 10 years.


No scientific clinical research has been done into the therapy, but there is anecdotal evidence. ‘The evidence is simply that it has survived millennia’ says Trewartha.


Energy Field Therapy is suitable for everyone. ‘Animals and children are wonderful to work with because they don’t rationalise and so respond very quickly’ says Trewartha. Energy Field Therapy has helped people with many kinds of health problems including ME, cancer, epilepsy and cerebral palsy. It also helps speed up recovery from operations and injuries and can help heal emotional pain.


After trying almost every type of therapy to cure her Candida, lack of energy and emotional scars, entrepreneur Annette, aged 40, tried Energy Field Therapy.

‘For years I’d suffered all sorts of niggling health problems. I had Candida, I was sluggish, bloated and I had Bell’s Palsy, a paralysis of the face. I’d also suffered an eating disorder and was still dealing with the death of my father years earlier. I’d tried everything from allergy testing to homeopathy, but nothing seemed to work.

After my first session of Energy Field Therapy, I felt immediately lighter and happier. In the following six weeks I had real bursts of emotion and would burst into tears for no reason as my system cleared out. My paralysis vanished so that I could smile again; I started wanting to exercise and to eat vegetables – unheard of for me – and I felt happier and clear-headed.

I’ve had weird after-effects, like shaking and trembling when other people are nearby, which proves my body is clearing itself out. Not only has my Candida disappeared but I feel so much better, so much happier, so much more alive.’