Get Back into Line with a Little Help – Aamina Zafar is pointed in the right direction by an expert therapist


Body Realignment session at the Windsor Acupuncture Clinic, 5a St Leonards Road, Windsor.


The treatment releases tense muscles and positions that people have been holding themselves in, to cope with emotional or physical tension. The muscles are released by placing the body in the position they became unbalanced. This allows circulation to be restored and the body to be realigned.


The technique helps people with several conditions, but especially those with

  • Neck whiplash
  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Chronic pain in the back, neck and joints
  • Chronic headache
  • Sports injuries
  • Emotional imbalances or repressed trauma
  • Slow healing after injury or operation


Jan Trewartha is one of only two therapists in the country who offer a Body Realignment treatment. So I was very keen to discover more about this rare gem which is right on my doorstep. My session took place a few days after a long, relaxing holiday, so I didn’t think my body would be too misaligned. But gosh, was I wrong. Jan started the session by conjuring up a blend of aromatherapy oils which helped to get me in a relaxed mood. She then massaged my body to find points of tension and then worked her magic. I had been on a six-hour flight a few days before my treatment, during which I fell asleep in an awkward position where my chin was slumped on my chest. This obviously put a lot of tension in my neck. I did not tell this to Jan, so I was very impressed when she detected this problem through her technique. She then put my neck in the position it had become tense and eased the pain. I also have two nephews whom I often carry on the hip. This is commonly done by most mums and means one’s hips become misaligned over the years. However, Jan also managed to detect this and raised my hip slightly, which also helped to restore balance in the body. She repeated the technique on every part of my body even right down to my fingers and face.The best part of the treatment was that it was very relaxing. So much so that I actually fell asleep at the end, which I am told most people do.


  • Do not carry your handbag on one shoulder. The best way to carry a bag is on your back or slung over the front so that you are not forced to hunch your shoulders to keep the bag in place.
  • Do not hold the telephone under your ear as this also causes people to hunch their shoulders.
  • Always ensure you are face on to the computer screen. When using a mouse or keyboard make sure your hands are not in a position that causes them to hunch.
  • Avoid crossing your legs when sitting on your chair at work.


Initial consultation and treatment which lasts for two hours costs £85 and follow-up sessions (90 minutes) cost £65.


Jan Trewartha on 07724 027748 or email or visit for more information.