Let it Flow by Emma Williams

If your get-up-and-go got-up-and-went with the last chimes of 2001, then Energy Field Therapy could be what you need to re-establish your joie de vivre, and to keep it.

This ancient Chinese system of healing, also known as Bio-Energy Therapy, works by realigning your body’s outer electro-magnetic field (your aura), which in turn unlocks your body’s capacity to heal itself from within. In short, it gets your energy flowing again naturally.

Using their hands gently without ever touching the body, the therapist peels away the layers of emotional rubbish that have built up and been stored in the body over the years. The treatment consists of four three-quarter hours sessions over consecutive days, and the entire course is done fully-clothed without shoes, either standing up or lying down.

It can take six weeks for the full effects to kick in as your body will continue to literally heal itself. During this time you may feel out of sorts but this is part of the process. When complete, you should feel refreshed, revitalised and ready to face life again.

Apart from being a marvellous de-stressing tool, Energy Field Therapy is purported to be able to treat conditions as diverse as multiple sclerosis, cancer, ME, irritable bowel syndrome and depression.

Initially I found the treatment quite strange, a person you don’t know standing close to you waving their arms around while telling you to imagine all your tensions are drifting away, I felt I was forcing myself to relax.

By the second treatment, with the help of gentle talking therapist Jan, I began to let go. She worked on specific areas, such as my recurring IBS, but also she said I had a lot of blockages around my kidneys and lungs, which she needed to work on. Jan explained that fear, stress, and anxiety manifest in these areas.

As I grew accustomed to the treatment I experienced slight pulling sensations and tingly feelings. As the aim of the treatment is to encourage the body to heal itself, I was told it would be at least six weeks before I would benefit from the effects. Nothing changed overnight, but I definitely felt more focused, as if something had been unblocked.

Six months later I changed my job, moved 60 miles away, and I think most importantly, allowed myself to let go of the past and start moving on. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone; from people suffering from physical illness, to those who just feel stressed out and stuck in a rut. It may not radically alter your life but it can give you the pick-me-up you need.

I was treated at the Energy Field Therapy Clinic in Chobham, Surrey. It’s run by EFT experts Jan Trewartha and Sarah Cox, who both trained at the Terton Institute in Gloucester.