Realignment Therapy – this month’s treatment on trial

Name: Alex Lamb
Age: 51
The Treatment: Body Realignment Therapy

The problem:

After major surgery on my left leg, my recovery was both physically and emotionally painful. Although the operation had been a success, I couldn’t walk unaided and was housebound for three months. I gained a stone and felt miserable, bored, isolated and depressed. Nine months on, I was still in pain and my back, hips and shoulders were completely out of line. I tried physiotherapy, acupuncture and therapeutic massage, but nothing worked. I was eager to discover whether a subtle treatment such as Body Realignment therapy could help to heal my body.

The experience:

After an in-depth consultation, my therapist Jan led me to a massage couch, where I lay on my back covered with a towel. She then hovered her hands across my body, sensing for energy blockages. She stopped at my leg, and supported my knee with her hand while she applied gentle rolling and pressing movements. Her touch was delicate but felt like it was going very deep and as the tension was released, I had a huge emotional reaction. I suddenly found I couldn’t stop sobbing as I let go of the feelings of fear and anger I had suppressed since the operation. Working on key points on my body with the same light pressure and steady rocking movements, Jan continued onto my lower back (an area she detected required the most work) before continuing to my feet, ankles and spine and finishing on my neck and jaw.

The verdict:

Leaving the treatment room I felt slightly shaky, but lighter and with a huge sense of relief. But the real difference was my leg. I was able to lift and bend it freely, and as I made my way home I was amazed to discover my walk was completely different and that instead of dragging my foot I could walk freely and without discomfort. I felt euphoric. For the first time in almost a year I felt like my old self.

How it works:

When injured, the body compensates around the point of damage causing pain and misalignment, restricting circulation and movement. Body realignment therapies are non-invasive treatments that release this damage by combining gentle, controlled pressure to key pressure points, releasing muscle tension and stimulating circulation around the stressed muscles, boosting both emotional and physical wellbeing.

Book the treatment:

Body Realignment with Jan Trewartha at the Windsor Acupuncture Clinic (07724 027748), prices from £65.