The Release of Trauma from the Body through Body Realignment

We are born free, most of us. Our bodies move unhampered. As babies we are loose-limbed, mobile and comfortable. However, as we grow and are exposed to the vicissitudes of life, our bodies start to reflect the physical injuries and emotional shocks we receive.

Physical Injury and its Results

Taking the first and most easily comprehended cause of damage to our bodies: it is clear how a physical injury may heal badly and cause long-term problems. When young, our self-healing ability is good, but as we age and our bodies receive more knocks, then a damaged area can scarcely have time to recover before it is hurt again, e.g. As in repeated sports injuries. Eventually, the vital circulation and energy flow to an area is affected. Then the healing potential will be very poor indeed.

Once structural damage is in place, the energy flow to the major organs of the body may well be affected, with insidious long-term consequences.

Other Physical Causes of Blockage

It is worth, then, considering what other factors cause constraint of the free flow of blood and energy. Poor posture is a common cause and may stem from childhood, from the constant leaning over a school desk, or from adopting a ‘cool’ slouch in order to be accepted by one’s peers. Pubescent girls developing breasts may hunch their shoulders self-consciously, causing congestion around the shoulders. Children encouraged to sit on over-soft sofas instead of on chairs that facilitate good positioning will also suffer posturally. Another frequently occurring problem is that of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), where incessantly repeated movements (such as typing) create injury long-term. In fact, there are numerous obvious, physical causes for a degeneration of self-healing ability.

The Power of the Mind

Just as powerful as physical injury to damage the body, is a negative mind. Energy follows Thought. Circulation follows Energy. The key to self-healing is strong Intention. In other words, having positive thoughts and the intention to self-heal. As energy follows thought, our very intention to get on with life and not let an injury stop us, will create a positive self-healing process. Giving in to an injury or disease withdraws positive energy and sends a negative message to the body with inevitable results. Similarly, forever moaning about a physical pain will not only direct a negative energy to the pain and thus inhibit its healing, but will encourage a counter-productive, victim mentality within oneself.

If a painful toe is a nuisance and we consistently direct negativity towards it, we are slowing down its eventual healing. If we know that there is a strong hereditary pattern of a certain disease in our family, we can recreate that disease in ourselves by convincing ourselves that we will inevitably develop it.

Emotional Shock held in the Body

This brings us full circle back to the other type of injury which can lodge in the body; emotional shock. Because of the Mind/Body interconnection, any such shock will manifest physically, causing reduced energy flow to an area with resultant pain, numbness, or even disease. That shock has to be released from the body’s memory before healing can result.

‘Energetic’ Memory

We see how the mind can decide whether we heal or remain damaged. Mind and body are inextricably linked and cannot be separated out. This is why it is vital to look at a person who needs healing ‘holistically’, i.e. As a whole, not as many isolated components.

As this link is so powerful, it is easy to understand why our emotions at the time of an injury are registered within the body and the Energy Field (the Electromagnetic energy that flows within and around the body). If, for example, an ankle is broken in a skiing accident, the memory is held within the joint, and similarly in the Energy Field. That ankle may heal perfectly and the circulation of blood and energy be, apparently, 100% restored. However, the ‘energetic’ memory of not only the physical injury, but of the shock and pain experienced at the time, can still be perceived and released by the experienced practitioner.

Compensation of the Body around Injury

If the ankle were not to fully heal after the accident, its function would be mildly or even seriously impaired. Over time, even if there were no immediate discomfort, the body’s compensation around the ankle creates a ‘holding pattern’ within the muscles, i.e. A way of working which is not as it should be, but which accommodates the original injury. If not dealt with, such compensation leads to other areas of the body becoming weakened, simply because they are not working as they were designed to. One more mistake on the ski slopes and this time the injury might be a torn knee cartilage.

Healing the Layers of Damage

Healing a body carrying many layers of injury that have developed over the years from one initial problem, is a slow process. In Body Realignment work, the holding patterns adopted by the muscles as injury-protection and as a means of functioning, must be skillfully dismantled. It is analogous to removing layer after layer of rusted armour. As this happens, the previously restricted circulation of blood and energy is restored. When Body Realignment is combined with Energy Healing, this restoration of energy and blood flow – and thus of the self-healing ability of the body – is hugely enhanced.

Release of Shock from the Body

Because of the Body/Mind link, as the physical damage is undone, so the emotions associated with the injury are released. These may well be re-experienced, quickly and temporarily by the person, before leaving them forever. For example, someone who is being treated for Whiplash caused by a car accident may relive that accident briefly, for five or ten minutes, as the shock leaves their system. The release of that memory is a necessary part of the healing process.

Freeing the Body from Repressed Pain

This kind of work also benefits those who have no specific injury, but who are in pain with no identifiable cause. This may be the manifestation of emotional trauma, perhaps long forgotten or even buried in the subconscious. The gentle use of Body Realignment combined with Energy Healing helps clear the aftershock of, for example, the death of a loved one, divorce, rape, abuse, a traumatic birth experience, etc.

The Body/Mind interlink is a powerful combination. Unravelling the complicated self-protection it is capable of putting into place is like finding the end of a tangled skein of wool and patiently undoing all the knots in the wool. Such a task can take time, but the end result, i.e. Lessened or vanished pain, and the recovery of normal muscle function, with the associated emotional balancing and liberation of energy, is a rejuvenating and deeply healing experience.