WHAT IS…… Energy Field Therapy? By Emma Williams

Although many therapies are based on the principle that everyone, whatever their ailment, has the potential for optimum health, there are few that claim to heal purely from the outside in. But Energy Field Therapy does, and much to my amazement, it does it very well.

This ancient Chinese therapy, also known as Bio-Energy therapy, is now popular throughout the world including the former Yugoslavia and Russian (where it is available through the health service). It works by realigning your body’s outer electro-magnetic field which in turn unlocks your body’s capacity to heal itself from within.

For my treatment I visited the Energy Field Therapy Clinic based in leafy Chobham in Surrey and run by Matrix ™ EF Therapists Jan Trewartha, an ex-State Registered Nurse and therapeutic massage and bio-mobility practitioner, and Sarah Cox, a Counsellor, who both trained at the Terton Institute in Gloucester.

Sarah says there are only 50 people practising in the UK at present and although recognised as a great de-stressing tool, Energy Field Therapy can treat any condition from multiple sclerosis to cancer, from ME to rheumatoid arthritis to irritable bowel syndrome and depression. It is also very successful with animals.

The therapy consists of four ¾ hour treatments given over four consecutive days, and the entire course is done fully clothed without shoes, either standing up or lying down.

‘Your body is like a pond with two rivers running to and from it’ says Jan. During your life debris falls into the pond and blocks the water from flowing. Energy Field Therapy unblocks the debris, returning the body to its perfect state to start it healing from within.’

I was first assessed for medical history to give the therapist an idea of any blockages whether physical or emotional, and you can be as brief as you like. But as Jan says: ‘Your past will be obvious to me anyway by your energy field.’ Then we were on to the treatment.

Each began with relaxation techniques where I was encouraged to imagine I was in a beautiful place. A white sandy beach with a soft, warm wind became my sanctum and while I closed my eyes drifting off, Jan would stand close and literally reshape my energy field. Although I did not feel pain, at times my whole body was rushing with unfamiliar, gentle electric sensations and later in the evenings I would often become very cold and sometimes experience disturbing nightmares.

‘All part of the healing process’ says Jan, who thought I had a lot of stress and anxiety stored in my kidneys, which I blamed on post-graduation-starting-career-challenges. However, as the full effects of the course take up to six weeks to really kick in and longer to complete, I realised my misalignment went back further than the library and job-hunting. Follow-up treatments are also offered.

For a month after the treatment I took a specifically prepared Bush Flower Essence and waited patiently. One year on and my life has changed considerably. I have moved county, changed jobs, changed friends but more importantly, changed my focus. It wasn’t all due to the treatment but if you’re fed up of ploughing through the acres of alternative therapies in the search for health and happiness, then Energy Field Therapy might just be the key to unlock the rest of your life.