Client Case Study: ScarWork Therapy

At Body in Harmony I offer clients a wide range of complementary therapy treatments to help manage pain and emotional trauma, including: Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork, Body Realignment and Energy Field Therapy.  We love happy clients and wanted to share a recent client case study to illustrate how we can make a difference.  

I would like to introduce you to Cathy:

A little about Cathy:

A lovely woman who came to me via a friend’s recommendation, Cathy was finding her extensive scarring was causing her discomfort and limiting her range of movement.

The course of treatment:

Several treatments were needed as there had been three operations in the abdominal area.  The tissue responded well and Cathy followed my instructions not to put any strain on her body for three days after each treatment, to allow the changes in the soft tissue to settle down.

The scars were all worked on as it is pointless working on just one scar; the degraded tissue under a scar appears to connect into the degraded tissue from another scar, creating a weakened area.  Each scar needed work, plus I used Body Realignment to clear compensation patterns that had been created as the body adapted around the scarring.

The results: Cathy’s Testimonial:

I am happy to recommend ScarWork treatment with Jan. About a year after a complete hysterectomy, I realised that I had a problem with my scar as it was very swollen, red and I was unable to touch it. Emotionally, I didn’t feel comfortable with it.  In addition, I had two scars in the same area from two old surgeries.  After just a few treatments on my scars, my body has changed a lot. My Yoga practice is much easier and I don’t have any more pain.  I’m so happy.  ScarWork is an amazing technique that works not only locally but on the whole body as well on the emotional aspect of it.  Thank you so much, Jan!


If some post operation scars are causing you to have limited movement, please do get in touch to see how ScarWork therapy might help you.

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