Another year – isn’t it time to move on from the past?

Another year, and more of the same?  More regrets, sadness, anger, stiff upper lip, and putting the past “where it belongs”?

You can put it all out of your mind and under the metaphorical carpet if you wish, but that doesn’t exactly deal with the problem.   It’s still there, in the background, colouring how you react to issues today.  

The BBC 3 series Ladhood may be a comedy about teenagers, but it also raises awareness of how our reactions to past indignities, assaults, bullying, etc and informs how we live our lives now; all done with humour and without preaching.

We all, variously, go through the trials of growing up, losing those we love, traumatic childbirths, bullying, assaults, relationship break ups and worse.  Some are more affected by this than others.

But isn’t that normal and how can it harm me?

In Chinese Medicine it is understood that traumatic memory is held in the energy field, just as today we are discovering that the fascia (a connective tissue) appears to be able to store memory. As a therapist, I see empirical evidence that traumatic memory is held in the physical, the emotional and the mental and spiritual planes, affecting how we think, feel and react, as well as affecting our physical health.

So what can I do about it?

New Year is the perfect time to move on from the past.  You may not want to face your ‘stuff’ but are you really going to carry it inside you forever?  Developing self-awareness may be uncomfortable, but on the other side life is lighter, easier, more joyful.

Meditation is a good place to start – there are numerous free options online and various free apps.  As we are still, facing what is within rather than distracting ourselves with TV, radio, etc., and as we sit in silence, we allow the mind to clear.  Allow the emotions to surface, acknowledge them and let the past go. Just remind yourself it is not reality, just the past leaving you.  You will feel happier and lighter as the days and months go by.

You may find that watching a candle, listening to the rain on the roof or gazing at the clouds is better than trying to meditate; in themselves these quiet times are forms of meditation.

How can we help you?

Energy Field Therapy is designed to help clear not only the emotional memories but the physical; you cannot separate the two.  Everyone is unique, so the results are different for each person.  The therapist engages with the energy field and reactivates the flow of energy which has become restricted.  The treatment takes four days, one hour a day, and then it can take around six weeks for the effect to percolate through the recipient.  Emotions and physical pains can come and go and dreams can bring unresolved issues to the surface, as the cleanse takes place. It is rather like having a pond gone a bit stagnant and, rather than putting weedkiller (pharmaceuticals) in to clear away the weeds (physical/ emotional symptoms), we simply restore the free flow of water in and out of the pond; the fresh water restores the pond’s health naturally.

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