Making lemonade from lemons!

What this last ten months has shown us is how phenomenal the human race is.  In the face of a pandemic, people have, in most cases, pulled together and helped each other, even in the face of so much individual tragedy.

We can be no good to others if we are in the depths of despair or controlled by fear.  To look at learning to deal with fear and the effect it can have on our immune system, see my blog written at the start of lockdown last year.

More than ever, at the moment, we need to look after ourselves and our own needs – that way we can thrive, not just survive, be of more use to others and adapt to the circumstances, riding the wave and following instinctively what feels right.  Yes, being sensible and careful, but not letting it control us or our thoughts; when we give in to the emotions that threaten to overwhelm us, augmented by all the overwhelmingly negative media coverage, we are in danger of losing our edge, our health, and going under.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” This proverb is one that can be very powerful for us all to follow at the moment:

Yes, our livelihoods can be threatened…..what could we do instead? What are our skills, passions, hobbies, interests, and how can we use them to make a living?  

Yes, our freedom is curtailed……what can we do at home, learn online? So many people are optimising all the free time that has been forced upon us.  

Yes, it can be lonely……but thanks to online communication, we can be in touch with friends, have online coffee mornings, play charades, share a meal, do the quiz together….. the only limit is that of our imagination.

Yes Jan, you say, but there’s only so much of that we can do and after weeks/months of it we’re bored and still lonely!  I know, I’ve been there, and I went into the depths and out again myself last Summer.  In the end, we are the only ones who can help ourselves, and being forced into a deeper relationship with yourself, when you can’t stand any more TV, are sick of online stuff, and are pushed into facing your deepest fears…….this is the time when massive shifts can happen.

I’ve been looking at the Joe Dispenza meditations recently.  He has been studying the power of the mind for decades and is dedicated to helping people change their lives and be their best self.  He talks about the neuroscience of how our personalities are created, how repeating the same behaviours and thoughts daily hardwire the brain into a fixed state.  He also looks at how to break free of that, to generate a different future by using your mind; this is powerful and inspirational stuff.  Here is an introductory video to start you off: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – Introductory Lecture – YouTube.  There is much more free content from Dr Joe on You Tube if you want to find out more.  I also highly recommend the Tuning into New Potentials meditation which you can find on ITunes.

Have the courage to turn off the TV and computer, to sit in silence and acknowledge your emotions. Have the courage not to suppress your feelings with alcohol or noise.  Have the courage to meditate, be mindful, and explore the potential for becoming your best self, attracting a new future by visualising what you want to become; this is known as the Law of Attraction. 

This is your chance to change your life and start making lemonade from the lemons.


Energy Field Therapy can help us move out of the past and ‘clear our cookie cache’, freeing us mentally and emotionally.  Contact us via or email to discuss how we can help you.


Resources – Unlimited with Dr Joe Dispenza for free blogs

abraham hicks meditation – YouTube – the Abraham Hicks meditations are designed to help you change your life and are based on the Law of Attraction.


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