Winter – A time of self nurture

Filling your heart with joy at a difficult time

It’s been a tough year for us all – for some it has destroyed their family, their business, their health.  For some it’s been a time of introspection and for others a time of boredom.  No matter what this year has brought you, one thing is for certain – the upcoming holidays are a chance to take care of yourself. And, even if you are working the holiday, try and take time to do one lovely thing for yourself every day, whether it’s a walk, a special meal, a long bath . . . . . if we don’t look after ourselves then we become weak, with depleted energy and vulnerable to illness, especially at this time of year.  If we are carers, the same applies because if we are not well, we are no good to anyone else.

When I trained in Matrix Energy Field Therapy, back in 1998, my teacher, Mark Caldwell, used to say that the first priority was to care for ourselves – that way our cup was running over and we had the energy and wherewithal to help others.  Not caring for ourselves results in our cup being half full – not enough for us and certainly not enough to give to others without risking energy depletion, exhaustion and illness.  

He also used to say that we had a choice in life.  The training he gave us helped us heal ourselves and made us strong in many ways and Mark (who was a great Star Wars fan!) used to say that we could either be Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, the choice was ours.  The difference was the heart energy; one had closed his heart, the other had opened his.  A lot of our training was on opening the heart centre and of course, we all wanted to be Luke Skywalker!

How do we open the heart?  We may have closed our hearts off after ‘heartbreak’, loss or with  grief.  Being hurt can make us defensive, energetically as well as emotionally; one reflects the other – we can never separate the emotional, mental or physical from the energy bod.  This can be felt in the energy field and have an effect on us on all planes.  

Here is a short meditation to help you open the heart – do it as often as you can to allow yourself to open to love, start loving yourself more, and overflow to others.  I also recommend the Zephorium rose spray used twice a day with the affirmation:  “Love flows towards me from every direction. I relax into peace”.  These beautiful products balance the energy centres of the body very subtly and help us on our journey.

You may like to light a candle for this process. Turn the ‘phones off and give yourself time out. Sit quietly on a chair or on the floor, comfortably with your back supported and your head neither forward nor backward. Put ‘roots’ down from the base of your spine or from the balls of the feet, deep into the ground.

Take your attention to your heart energy centre (chakra) by focusing halfway down your sternum (breastbone).  It may help at first to put a finger there to help you concentrate on the spot. Visualise a flower, in the most beautiful pink – a tone of pink that makes you happy.  See that flower as a tiny bud and then see it opening into a full flower in all its glory.  Hold that image for five minutes or more and be aware of other feelings, memories or thoughts that may come at the same time.  

Another way is to conjure up a happy memory of something that makes you smile inside.  Then imagine that smile being drawn down into your heart energy centre. 

Another way is, when the sun is shining, to sit in the sun drawing it into your heart.  

So, you see, there is no right or wrong way – try them all and see what works best for you. At the end, make a note of what you felt or saw.  Practice this daily or whenever you have time.  

If you would like some extra help then Energy Field Therapy may be for you, click here to discover more or of course please get in touch with any questions.


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