Are you posturally challenged?

What do you think of as ‘good posture’? 

It used to be a case of ‘stand up straight, shoulders back’!

But we look at the body differently these days. Understanding it as a biotensegral structure, in other words a perfect balance of tension and compression, and knowing that the fascia connects every part of us, nose to toes, back and front, we can see that a restriction in one part of the body can and usually will affect the posture of the full body.  For example, it is pointless trying to pull your shoulders back if you have had open heart surgery, or abdominal surgery, or an injury to your collar bones, etc. etc., because that damage will create fascial restriction in the front body. 

What is needed is a more subtle approach and this is where the new range of modalities comes in – light touch work such as Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork, micromovement training, etc.  Fascia responds best to light touch, so be gentle, feel your way, breathe more deeply, and listen to the body rather than forcing it into positions not right for you.


Tensegrity Assisted Therapy With Leonid Blyum and Mariana Barreto — CORE FASCIAL RELEASE

If you’d like to read more about our new way of looking at posture, take a look at this article from The Fascia Hub and BetsyAnn Baron.

We are covering this type of modality as part of the British Fascia Symposium this June and I can’t wait to get this information out there via our expert speakers!

Stretch your mind and expand your understanding of the body, seen through the lens of biotensegrity and the new, 21st century view of biomechanics. See the Biotensegrity Archive for more information.

For training in Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork click here.

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