Is it all a stretch too far?

I was brought up to stretch before and after exercise. “Warm up, cool down”.  I didn’t question it until I moved into the world of fascia. Guidance around stretching varies in the exercise world but it is challenged from the viewpoint and understanding of fascia and biotensegrity.

Those who understand the fascia tend towards avoiding traditional stretching protocol.  John Sharkey, leading Exercise Physiologist and Clinical Anatomist, debates the word itself, saying that rather than ‘stretching’, we are returning our muscles to normal physiological length.  Stretching – often a forcing as we struggle to achieve what the teacher in the front of our ‘stretch class’ is demonstrating, is more likely to cause damage than do us good, because we tend not to listen to the pain our body is screaming at us, but rather go beyond it, regardless.

Here are a couple of useful blogs written for The Fascia Hub recently, on the top of stretching.  If you are a member, there are also several webinars on the topic in the Members’ Area.

1. Stretching the Limits by Lisa Babiuk

2. Is Living Tissue Designed to be Stretched? by Paul Thornley

In May ’23, The Fascia Hub hosted renowned Exercise Physiologist and Clinical Anatomist John Sharkey, who specialises in the topic, for a webinar titled Stretching the Truth – it can still be accessed here.

On the 28th of January, John offers a fascinating follow-up to his first webinar – you can book here to join in the discussion. 

Stretch your mind and expand your understanding of the body, seen through the lens of biotensegrity and the new, 21st century view of biomechanics. See the Biotensegrity Archive for more information.

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